Wordless Wednesday: The Abdominal Snowman
Gym, tan, salmon?

Wowwie Wynonna!

10 June 2010 - Nashville,TN - Wynonna Judd.The Judds perform at the 2010 CMA Music Festival Riverfront Stage. Photo Credit: Ryan Pavlov/AdMedia

A nod to Wynonna Judd, who appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show on Tuesday a svelte 60 pounds lighter. Wynonna 'fessed up about "screaming at God" (concerning her now ex-husband's 2007 arrest) and told how she then started wandering in the woods, which led to a regular walking routine. And weight loss. The photo at right is her in June still carrying some of that extra poundage. 

Wynonna now claims she's on fire from head to toe -- we totally believe her. Good for you, Wynonna! (Also on the Oprah site, here are mom Naomi Judd's low-cal snacks.)