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Motivation comes in the form of a class-action lawsuit

Health club bikes So, I'm nearly done with my spinal fusion and the neurosurgeon said I can go back to they gym and start working out again.  As long as it doesn't hurt, I've got my doctor's OK.  I joined a new gym close to my house, and it's one of those go to the gym for exercise gyms.  No spinning, no pilates, but a giant room with speed bags and a real life boxing ring.  I haven't been back to that gym since before my surgery (late July).  The doctor gave me the go ahead 2 weeks ago today.

I've been coming up with EVERY excuse in the book NOT to go to the gym (my neck hurts, I took a pill, it's Thursday). Then today, in my mailbox was a class action lawsuit settlement from a big name health club chain for a free 3-month pass.  Do you know what I can do in 3 months? 2 years ago, I lost 35 lbs in 3 months.  20 years ago I lost 30 lbs in 3 months.  Imagine what I can do with these free 3 months at a pretty gym with Pilates, spinning and a ladies locker room!