Finding my inner athlete (she's in here somewhere)
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In my quest to find my inner athlete (see last week's post), I've been searching out 5Ks in the area. This time of year is stinkin' miserable, heat-wise, so I'll be doing more of them in the fall and winter months but I found an evening 5K next weekend so I signed up the whole family for that one.

Workout_every_day I'm making exercise more of a priority because as the weight-loss psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic said to me, exercise is helpful for weight loss but is crucial to maintenance. She said that I should plan on doing some sort of hourlong workout every day, because even if I skip a day or two I'll have worked out five days a week.

My old plan wasn't working:  Workout Monday through Friday with weekends off. But if I missed a couple days (or more) I was barely working out at all.

This morning, since I'm now officially training for next weekend's 5K, I pounded out an hour on the treadmill at the gym, with Wimbledon and the World Cup on all the TVs. I felt very "jock-y."

A new tool in training, provided to me by Omron, is my pedometer. I'll be trying it out for the next eight weeks, coinciding with the eight-week Cleveland Clinic Non-Surgical Weight Loss Program, which officially begins Monday morning. (Check out my review at Shrinking Sisters Reviews.)

Last Wednesday I met with the dietitian and the psychologist one on one. This week the regular group sessions begin and I get my food plan.

And by the way, July 4th is the deadline to leave a comment on the Gold Medal Fitness post to receive one of two copies of the book Gold Medal Fitness by Olympic swimmer Dara Torres.

And you can still leave a comment on the Don't Worry Be Happy post to receive either Denise's Daily Dozen or The O2 Diet book. Brenda Kaye gets the book Finally Thin.