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'This is the day your life will surely change'

A pal hits the Beach to lose a few

Here's a guest post from my friend Cathy Liden Traugot, wife and mom of two.

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I used to be one of those girls who could eat Ben and Jerry’s for breakfast and not gain a pound. Age caught up. Officially north of 25 on the BMI index, unable to fit into any shorts this spring and nursing an injury that kept me from the gym, I needed to go on a diet.

I nixed food journaling --too much effort. I won’t be weighed in public. Then a friend mentioned her two weeks on that diet named after a famous beach.

Two Eggs in Carton
Since there is a dollop of science behind low-carb diets, I ate a Last Supper at an Italian restaurant and then devoted myself to chicken Caesar salads (minus the croutons), low-fat string cheese and lots of eggs and turkey bacon. Two weeks later I’ve lost 6.5 pounds and learned to love green vegetables again. My carb cravings calmed down by Day 7.

But there were aspects of the diet that made me appreciate why nothing really substitutes for eating healthy, non-processed foods. Without bread and crackers in my diet, the salt in turkey bacon and lean turkey cold cuts assaulted my tongue. But as I needed these “convenience” foods to get through the diet, I ate them and tried not to think about those studies linking processed meats to cancer.

Demand Outstrips Supply For Sugar Substitute Splenda
Pre-diet I was already a Splendaholic – but mostly to sweeten coffee. Now Splenda was in my coffee, my caffeine-free diet soda, my fake sugar fudgsicles, and faux tiramisu.

Have I really solved any diet problems? Or am I introducing other ones? Guess I’ll find out.