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Funky Friday returns with a Madcon remake fave

Exercise: Ur doin it wrong

I've been weighing myself every day since the first of April, so I looked at the number for the first of the month and the last of the month and it was exactly the same.

I've also been faithfully journaling my food intake on Weightwatchers.com.

I chalk up the goose egg to two things: Not enough exercise and not enough water. This week I'm fixing that. 

I took a field trip to Teavana and had a little shopping spree. If you live near one and love tea, I highly recommend the place. There's a whole wall of teas to choose from -- herbal, white, red, black, blends. Kind of like a candy store without the calories.

Teavana_lemonyoukou My new fave is Lemon Youkou (at left), which looks like the most exquisite potpourri. Lots of dried citrus wedges and colorful bits. I made 16 ounces double strength and diluted it with water to make a quart. Then I threw in a couple packets of Organic Zero (erythritol). I let it chill overnight and brought it with me to the gym, which made drinking water heavenly. The quart went in no time.

I also bought some Strawberry Lemonade Herbal and Blueberry Bliss Rooibos, which they had blended and had as an iced sample. I'm drinking that now. 

So I've got my hydration issue fixed. Now, on to the exercise.

I spend the mornings helping to edit a health news Web site and we have a morning deadline, so it can't be put off 'til whenever (which is great because I miss real journalism).

After that I'd fart around on Facebook, or Twitter, or read too many e-mails -- all while sitting in my workout clothes. Morning would turn into noon, then afternoon, then after school, then dinner, then ... you get the idea. Exercise would rarely happen. 

Today, I put a stop to that nonsense. After my deadline, I got my butt up off the comfy chair, grabbed my quart bottle of Youkou and headed to the gym where I got on the elliptical and rocked it for 30 minutes. This was actually a big deal for me because I haven't used the ellipticals since they took my favorites away. The new ones are more difficult and I would usually only last 10 minutes. But I was determined and gave myself the "10 minutes down, 10 minutes more" pep talk.

Even though I love my at-home workouts, I'm going to head to the gym because I don't slack off there. I don't know if it's the other people who keep me going, or the machines or the old Jillian Michaels podcasts on my iPod (please start doing them again, Jillian!).

Weight Watchers Walk It Day 5K update

We're only one month away from the June 6 Weight Watchers Walk It Day 5K, and I'm not worried at all about completing it. If I can jump on an elliptical for 30 minutes after too long away, I can definitely walk a measly 5K. 

And I've got a cool Weight Watchers Walk-It Challenge T-shirt, provided by Weight Watchers. On the back is my motivating saying -- "Go Me!" I'm keeping it for the day of the 5K.

If you're planning on taking part in a Walk-It Day 5K, you can get a T-shirt HERE.