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Don't worry, be happy, lose weight (and give away gifts)


Hate to reference that overly chirpy Bobby McFerrin song, but the scale finally moved and it's because I stopped stressing about it.

I had been weighing myself every day and fretting about working out hard, and neither got me anywhere.

So I slacked off on the scale hopping (not down to a couple times a week) and went back to working out for pure enjoyment -- things like walking the track on breezy evenings and dancing my butt off to Michael Jackson impersonator laser shows (last night's exercise after the Marlins game -- surprisingly entertaining!).

And the last time I got on the scale it showed a three-pound loss -- yay!

The only real dietary changes I made were to add in a lot more fresh produce and lots of hot and iced tea, from my recent haul at Teavana.

The veggies and tea (minimally sweetened) added in a lot of water and fiber, two calorie-light ways to bulk up a diet.

And it's not just more salads and celery. What I do is build the dinner idea around the vegetable -- everything else is a supporting player. Tonight, for example, the headliner is roasted purple and golden beets. The protein will be a small serving of top sirloin. Now I've got to figure out what to do with the beet greens for tomorrow.

The Weight Watchers Walk-It Day 5K is coming up soon, and I'm all registered and looking forward to it.

And now for the gifts

My pal, Lynn Haraldson Bering at her blog Lynn's Weigh, has been cleaning out her bookshelves and giving away books to lucky readers. I told her I was up to my eyeballs in stuff, so she suggested I do the same.

So OK!

I'll be giving away three books:

  •  The O2 Diet, by Keri Glassman, MS, RD, CDN: Great book that explains high-antioxidant foods, the ORAC scale and how adding these foods can benefit your health.
  • Denises_daily_dozenDenise's Daily Dozen, by Denise Austin: I reviewed this book over at but in a nutshell it's a nicely balanced diet and exercise plan that relies on the number 12 (lose up to 12 pounds, 12 exercises, 12 tips, etc.).
  • Finally Thin!,  by Kim Bensen. Kim lost over 200 pounds on Weight Watchers, appeared on the Today show with Joy Bauer and launched a successful line of light bagels. Her story is extra inspiring for those of us older than 40 who think middle age stifles weight loss success.

What do you have to do? Simple -- just leave a comment answering one of two questions (or both):

  • What exercise makes you happy?
  • How did you get to your "happy weight"?

Also, let me know which book you'd be interested in having, if you have a preference -- they're all good. Try and write something pithy by next week and I'll announce the recipients, which I will have my personal assistant (the kid) choose at random.