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Walk-It Challenge Update: Kicking things up a notch

We do reviews, too!

 Just to let y'all know, Shrinking Sisters weighed in on Werther's Original Sugar-Free candies over on our review site, Shrinking Sisters Reviews.

Shrinkyeviewsbutton2010We just started the review site, and that's where we'll be posting reviews that are part of the BlogHer Reviewer program, as well as BzzAgent and MyBlogSpark.

I was a newspaper journalist for a couple decades, and I still believe in having a firewall of sorts between editorial and advertising (and many PR companies and marketing firms do, too, thank goodness).

As I've stated on the left-hand side of this blog, I do get review copies of books and DVDs, just like I did in the "old days" of working at the newspaper. But unlike newspapers, us bloggers have to make it a point to be crystal clear about where and how we get our stuff.

So anyway, check out the Werther's review -- they were truly good and we chomped through the samples in record time.

And if you'd like to check out the week of cookbook reviews I did at Examiner.com, you can check them out HERE.