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A rant and another rant

Walk-It Challenge Update: Kicking things up a notch

Lost a pound from last week and I stepped up the exercise.

(Co-inkydink? I think not.)

Chalenejohnson But this week, in addition to walking, I'm starting Beachbody's ChaLean Extreme program, led by the awesome Chalene Johnson (at right). I really haven't been doing too much strength training and the scale has been pretty stagnant so I thought it was time to bring in the big guns.

Day 1 went well. I did the entire workout -- even the pushups (and I hate me some pushups).

I can keep up with the workout because the premise behind it is slow movements and pushing the muscles to exhaustion. It's up to me how much weight to use or which color resistance band to use. 

I'm often far too easy on myself, and that kind of coddling doesn't produce results. So I'm psyched about the ChaLean Extreme program because it's something that I can do and that should produce good results.

By the time the Weight Watchers Walk-It Day 5K comes around on June 6 I'll be more than ready.