I'm taking the Weight Watchers Walk-It Challenge
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'Life ain't perfect, princess -- now get off your ass'

Dart headed for bullseye

That's what I tell myself every time I freeze up when I can't decide what workout to do or which nutritional advice to follow or what perfect meal to prepare.

It's a problem common to perfectionists.  I reload the dishwasher, I refold the laundry, and worst of all, I do nothing if I can't do it perfectly.

(Just looked at a list of characteristics of perfectionists. Apparently I am an imperfect perfectionist because while I can procrastinate like a son of a gun, I'm not indecisive, miserly or possess excessive self-discipline.)

This is why I sometimes go days without working out. True, I did workout for 2 hours last week, which was above and beyond the first week of the Weight Watchers Walk-It Challenge training plan, but I only did that on two days instead of spreading it out over the entire week. What did I do the other days? Waffled. Should I go to the gym, the park, the track? Do a boot camp DVD, yoga, walking workout? I don't know? Which would be the most time efficient? Which would burn the most calories?

So I do laundry in my workout clothes.

Same thing often happens with my eating. Are we cutting down on breakfast carbs or are we front-loading carbs for the day? Didn't we read that study on women who eat eggs for breakfast? Or was whole grain the perfect breakfast food? Are we counting Points, calories or fiber grams? (For the record, we're doing Weight Watchers Points.) Red meat or no? Fat-free dairy or low fat? Or no dairy? Real sugar or Splenda, or maybe stevia? Is coconut oil good for you or not? 

So I eat a protein bar for lunch in frustration.

There are so many voices telling us about the perfect diet, the best workout, the ideal time to workout, when to stop eating for the day, the miracle balance of carbs, protein and fat. 

What's the perfect plan?

It's one I'll stick with. One that I can lose weight on.

This week I didn't lose any weight, even though I chronicled everything I ate, good and bad. I worked out, but probably not enough.  Frustrating, yes, but not discouraging. I'm fighting on and trying to fight the urge to workout perfectly and instead Just Do It.

As for food, the less I eat "diet food" the less stressed out I am. Haven't bought a frozen meal or packaged side dish in months, and it feels good to just buy and prepare "food food."

I'm turning around, basically, a lifetime of a diet mentality, so I shouldn't expect this process will be an overnight thing.