Walk-It Challenge Update: Kicking things up a notch
Exercise: Ur doin it wrong

A rant and another rant

Hello and welcome to Crankytown! I"ve been weighing myself every morning and writing it down on my calendar and I am officially on a Plateau from Hell.

I've been journaling all my food and exercise -- even completed a week of ChaLean Extreme plus a couple extra days of walking. And nothing to show for it on the scale.


My midsection does seem firmer so maybe the fluff is shifting itself around. And there was that week of ChaLean Extreme that I completed.

But damn, scale. Cut me a little slack!

OK, first rant over.

Training for the Weight Watchers Walk It Day 5K on June 6 is going along just fine. I'm sure that walking a 5K will be easy as pie a piece of cake (aren't there any figures of speech that don't involve baked goods?).

Second rantWinndixiemealad

Got a grocery ad in the mail advertising a Make-a-Meal special.

I'll let the advertisement speak for itself.

(OK, I can't do that.)

Are you kidding me? Frozen pizza, frozen bread sticks, frozen pizza rolls (the appetizer, I guess), ice cream and soda is a meal? In what floury, greasy  oversugared universe?

Oh yeah, this one.