Fish gone wild
Burger King and 'Food Inc.' in the same day? Bad mommy!

Groceries unplugged

I'm a big coupon clipper, and every Saturday night I go through my stash plus the weekly grocery circular to make my shopping list for the week.

(Exciting Saturday, I know. Jealous?)

But I've been tossing out a lot of coupons lately with my pledge to buy and consume fewer processed foods.

I've also noticed that when there are fewer packaged foods in the fridge or pantry it's less easy to grab a quick snack or meal. I have to think about it more -- a good thing.

Instead of an easy frozen "diet" meal or can of salt soup for lunch, I'll fix myself a sandwich or make a big salad. When snack time rolls around I used to reach for a protein bar. Now I shoot for Greek yogurt and fruit.

Having more "perimeter" foods in the house usually means more nutrients, more fiber, less preservatives, less mindless eating and more creativity.

Because I am a big stinking busybody, I surreptitiously snapped this photo during a recent trip to the grocery store. I was floored at how much overprocessed crap was in this shopping cart and how much money this person was going to spend on packaged garbage.