Hungry and sore
My metabolism needs mastering

Tomorrow's annual physical day

 ... and I have pretty much nothing to show for it on the scale.

When I went last year and said "see ya next year!" I thought I'd be knocking his socks off with a total transformation.

But that didn't happen.

Yeah, sure I'm down a few pounds but it's been a year and I've been beating myself up ever since I made the appointment last week.

But I came to a few realizations:

  1. J0400633I have to drop my calories down to a really unpleasant level to lose weight. I have one of "those" metabolisms. So I'm gonna have to suck it up and cut back to 1,200 a day.
  2. I haven't been counting the calories of all the supplements I take. Over the weekend I realized that the 4 grams of fish oil (for anti-inflammatory and cholesterol lowering properties), the 2 tablespoons of psyllium (also cholestrerol), the packet of Emergen-C and the two Adora calcium supplements are 200 calories. (Hand slapping forehead.)
  3. I need to work out more. Not necessarily hard, just more consistently.

So I'll see my doctor and insist that I can do this without any "fat person meds." You know -- statins, blood pressure meds, etc. I take enough stuff for my allergies and don't want to go there. Besides, my cholesterol is OK, just a little over normal, and my ratio is good.

I have my tools in place now -- loads of fiber, fresh produce, fewer carbs, more protein, making every single calorie count. I also discovered a kick-ass Turbo Kick class at the gym that'll burn tons of calories and a great kettlebell workout in my giant DVD mountain (Kettlenetics).

That's my plan and I'm sticking to it.


I swear.