Weekend update: Down 2 pounds and fed up with my WW leader
Tomorrow's annual physical day

Hungry and sore

Hungry and sore.

I've decided that I have to be those two things if I want to see the scale move.

The weeks when I have a slight gnawing in my stomach are the weeks when I lose weight. I think it's my old, shot metabolism. I really don't need many calories -- probably only around 1,300.

And I need to workout at least four days a week. I'm working up to five. Lately I've been making sure my workouts have some sort of resistance training, although today's workout was pure cardio fun. The DVD is called Cardioke and it's led by Billy Blanks Jr. It's super fun and requires singing!

Most of the soreness goes away the more I exercise, so maybe I'll just be slightly hungry and slightly sore.

Here's one of the Cardioke routines. See if you can keep up -- I had to follow the old ladies in the back.