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Biggest Loser season 8, ep. 4 recap: Dining out, dining in

Biggest Loser Julio

(Since Google has pretty much blacklisted Examiner.com, I'm going to start posting my Biggest Loser recaps here as well!)

We continue with the reign of Queen Crazy Eyes Tracey as Shay chews her out for going back on her word at elimination.
Billian (that's Bob and Jillian) comes into the gym to try and bring the contestants together, post-elimination. Bob also reminded Queen Crazy Eyes that she hasn’t yet worked with the trainers in the gym and still needs to get medical clearance from Dr. H.

Jillian felt like doing a little verbal boxing and her punching bag was Julio. She asked him if he was happy. Yeah, sure, he said, he was happy -- with everything but his weight. “You’re not 407 pounds and happy!” she pleaded with him. “Have you ever been excellent at anything?” she asked. His answer: food.

Tracey met with Dr. H and got bad news – her CPK (not California Pizza Kitchen) levels were high in her blood, so he forbade her from doing any kind of exercise. “I don’t want to go home looking like this!” she cried. “It has to get better.” Her teammate, Coach Mo, consoled her, and told her he’d carry the weight for Team Purple.

Ali greeted the contestants in the kitchen, where every cabinet, freezer and fridge was locked up and was to stay that way all week. And here’s the shocker: They had to order out for every stinkin’ meal all week. Tracey’s eyes got huge – imagine not being able to workout and eating restaurant food all week. Ali had a little quiz for them on the calorie content of restaurant foods. The people who guessed correctly would win a year’s worth of healthy foods. (I guessed correctly, did you?) Pink team won that contest.

After ordering takeout meals and having them arrive not quite as they wanted, Danny decided that he was going to make it easier when he got home by precooking grilled chicken breasts and having them ready for meals instead of being at the mercy of takeout. Billian took the crew out to dinner to show ‘em how to order healthfully. They took them to a Mexican restaurant (California usually does Mexican food more authentically than the rest of the country, ie: no mountains of cheese). Jillian exhorted them to bring a calorie counter with them. I use Calorie King Mobile, which is fantastic for dining out and throwing a big wet blanket over your friends’ meal enjoyment. :)

The challenge: They were playing for immunity again. They had to hang on to handle bars bolted to a platform over a pool, and over time the platform would tilt, making it harder. It looked pretty sadistic.

Quote of the week, from Daniel, the winner: “I can freakin’ hang from my shoulders all day.”

That win was big for Daniel – this is week 4 and last season he went home at week 4.

Last chance workout: Wow, I’ve never seen anyone workout with two kettlebells before. Fierce, Rudy! Liz stumbled on the step jumps (oh, how I hate that exercise!). Here’s a tip, though, if you want to do those infernal things, put the step near a wall so you can grab onto the wall if you have to. Coach Mo worked out for himself and Tracey with his intensity. But it might have been too much – his lower back seized up. Bob thought Coach Mo’s panic over being injured was intensifying the pain.

Weigh-in and elimination: Everyone was nervous about Week of a Thousand Takeout Meals. Daniel registered a goose egg on the scale. Everyone thought it was a strategic move; Daniel swore it wasn’t. But he has immunity so it didn’t count anyway. Poor Tracey (yeah, I said it!) could barely walk up the steps to the scale. Much to Team Purple's surprise, Tracey lost 4 pounds and Mo lost 8. Julio and the brown team of Liz and Danny were below the yellow line. So elimination would be two gone vs. one gone. (Note to Tracey: Your “frowny face” is terrifying.) And in a tearful decision, Julio was sent home.

The update: Julio looks great and is an exercise machine. He’s into eating local fresh produce, healthy cooking and teaching his family what he learned at the ranch. So far he’s gone from 407 to 299 pounds.

Next week: It’s Blue vs. Black and the return of the Golden Ticket. And it looks like Queen Crazy Eyes might be running the show again!

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