Funky Friday, photo edition: Oh no they didn't!
Producing a nation of Biggest Loser contestants

Oh exercise, how I've missed you!

ExerciseDear Exercise:

What was I thinking? The siren song of that stupid Time magazine cover story (The Myth About Exercise) was too strong and I thought "Yeah, why do I need to exercise?"

So I didn't. And I felt like crap.

Tired, wheezy, stiff, cranky.

That magazine came out a month ago, and for a month I figured I would just work on the diet. So I did but it didn't work. I lost maybe a pound.

But what was I thinking? The premise of the article was that working out makes you extra hungry. But I didn't have that problem. Still, the article gave me the ammo to ignore the stacks of fitness DVDs awaiting review.

Over the weekend, I decided that my exercise-free diet was draining the life out of me. So Monday morning, I popped in a DVD from a new series by former Biggest Loser trainer Kim Lyons. The series is aimed at diabetics who have not exercised in a long time, so out of the six workouts I did the fifth and sixth one. The first four workouts are done seated.

It felt so good to workout for that hour -- pumping the hand weights and doing lunges. Immediately I felt better, more alive.

Why did I stop this? What was I thinking?

I was thinking that a stupid magazine article was an excuse to sit on my butt, but I was beginning to rust.

Oh, exercise, I'll never leave you again!