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Sassy Water in a can: Knudsen Sparkling Essence cucumber

Sparklingessencecucumber The Flat Belly Diet has become so ingrained into my daily eating pattern that I don't even think about how to add monounsaturated fats (MUFAs) into my diet.

The Sassy Water, a refreshing spa-type water flavored with lemon, ginger, cucumber and mint, is a bit more effort. But I had the opportunity to try R.W. Knudsen's new line of Sparkling Essence waters, and its cucumber flavor is about as close to Sassy Water as you can get in a premade form.

The new line of waters comes in four flavors: cucumber, blueberry, lemon and mint. The mint was a bit meh but I love all the other ones. They're not sweetened with anything -- the flavors come from organic extracts mixed with carbonated spring water. So it's just a hint of flavor.

But the cucumber flavor turned out to be my favorite of them all. My son couldn't wrap his head around the idea: "Cucumber soda?"

It's really refreshing and has notes of cucumber and lemon. If you really want to make it taste like Sassy Water, you can mix the mint and cucumber flavors together.

Sparkling Essence waters come in a 4-pack of 10.5 fluid-ounce cans and can be found at stores including Whole Foods. Check HERE for stores near you (click Where to Buy in the upper right corner).