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Revisiting Jazzercise ... w00t!

PhotobucketGot a postcard in the mail from the local Jazzercise franchise inviting me, "resident," to try out a class.

Back in the 1980s and '90s, I was an avid Jazzerciser and have the scrunchy socks and neon leotards to prove it.

Hey, it's even hip. Jazzercise got a shoutout in this week's HBO series Flight of the Conchords:

Jemaine: Just you and a couple of the guys from Jazzercise doing some impromptu Jazzercise... at night.
Bret: Yes.

But I haven't been back in a Jazzercise class in around a decade. The other day I was dancing around the living room to an Indian bhangra dance exhibition on the Today show and realized how much I love dancy aerobics, so this morning I headed over to the community center.

It wasn't difficult getting back into the groove. Many of the moves are the same (grapevines, attitudes, those Fosse hand moves), but in the ensuing decade, Jazzercise has added kickboxing and boxing moves that are fun and a great upper-body workout.

Not as much whooping as there used to be but I heard a few. I added my own "unghs" while I tried to stay balanced on one foot.

The modifications are good, and I had to force myself not to jump up and down, it was so energizing and upbeat. I tend to go a little too hung-ho at the start and end up injuring myself.

So break out the neon, Jazzermommy's back!