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8 pounds off and Blog of the Day: Happy Monday!

How to keep off the 6 pounds lost from the stomach flu

Creamofwheat I'm finally climbing out from under the rock of my weeklong stomach virus. Fortunately, all it involved was an extreme loss of appetite -- none of those other more icky symptoms. I drank plenty of fluids, so I'm not dehydrated.

And I lost 6 pounds!

Now, to keep it off.

It helps that I wasn't dehydrated, because that weight will come right back on. So I'm easing back into solids, to keep my tummy happy as well as the scale. Today it's been nothing but Cream of Wheat made with oat milk -- bland but safe.

Nighttime eating has been my bugaboo but I haven't been doing that at all this week since I wanted my stomach good and empty before bed. Maybe I've broken myself of the habit.

I'm going to treat this as some sort of masochistic detox jumpstart plan and stay on the straight and narrow.