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Free pancakes at IHOP today

J0182749 If you missed the free Grand Slam at Denny's earlier this month, today's your shot for another free breakfast. IHOP is giving away free a free short stack of pancakes today. In the Catholic religion, the day before the beginning of Lent is called Shrove or Pancake Tuesday, and traditionally people would make pancakes to get rid of "luxurious" products like butter, milk and eggs. Things that someone might give up for Lent. (A friend of mine is giving up Facebook for Lent -- stay strong Joyce!).

Anyway, if you do succumb to the free pancakes, the short stack is 600 calories, but that's with margarine and sugar-free syrup (that's the only way I could find the count). I'd suggest skipping the margarine and even the sugar-free syrup (yuck). That should save you around 50 calories, and for that order yourself some scrambled egg whites to boost the protein of your breakfast.

IHOP is using today to ask for donations to the Children's Miracle Network, a worthy cause, so send some pancake bucks their way.