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7 pounds in 2 weeks -- how'd I do it?

Cottage_Cheese First I had a painful flare-up of arthritis in my right big toe. Then I caught a really lousy cold.
But in those past two weeks I lost 7 pounds. No exercise, lotsa cold medicine.
How'd I do it?

  • First off, I've been journaling what I eat a lot better than I had been.
  • I've been really putting a lid on the after-dinner grazing.
  • But I think the thing that did the trick was cutting back on starchy carbs at dinner.

I kinda followed an inverted pyramid for my carbs: Breakfast might be a bowl of cereal and milk (carbarific!). Then lunch would be a wrap made with a Flatout wrap (carby but also full of protein and fiber). I switched my afternoon snack from fruit and yogurt to fruit and cottage cheese. Doesn't seem like a huge change but cottage cheese has twice the protein for the same amount of calories. Then dinner would be protein and veggies.
So it's pump up the protein, dial down the carbs.
And that's tough because I love carbs.
But I love losing weight more.