Oh, you most certainly did not lose 43 pounds in two weeks!
I wish I had the energy of my dog

25 random things about why I haven't lost weight lately

J0422209 In the spirit of the time-sucking meme spreading through Facebook, here are 25 random things (excuses, really) why I haven't lost weight lately.

1. I've been nursing an arthritic big toe (shooting pains that woke me up at night, that's how bad).
2. Too much time on Facebook.
3. The 36-pack of Popchips that I ordered from Amazon.
4. The 18-pack of sugar-free Healthy Choice fudge bars I bought at Costco.
5. Four hours of the Today show.
6. I love ketchup.
7. Skipping entire days of journaling my eating.
8. The inability to stick to just one plan.J0406482
9. The damn e-mail from Papa John's.
10. Not drinking enough water.
11. Too much writing about success stories, not enough being a success story.
12. Staying up too late blogging and not getting enough sleep, which affects weight loss.
13. Working at home in my pajamas (ooh, stretchy, comfy!).
14. Not going to the gym more than once a week.
15. Tripping over the giant stack of workout DVDs instead of DOING them.
16. The can of Batter Blaster aerosol pancake batter -- fun!
17. Not scheduling time to exercise like I can schedule haircuts and lunches.
18. Driving my son to school instead of walking him.J0342001
19. Rebound headaches from taking so much Aleve for the damn foot.
20. Pretty much anything I order from a restaurant, even if it's supposed to be healthy, probably isn't.
21. Boysenberry jam.
22. After-dinner grazing.
23. Peanut butter.
24. Finishing my son's dinner.
25. ... No more excuses!