I'm floundering in a sea of diets!
Jillian Michaels on sticking to your resolution

You are what you eat? I'm going for it!

I have had it.  I am writing for a blog called "Shrinking Sisters," yet over the past 8 months, I've put back 12 of the 39lbs that I lost last year.

I'm going hard core into losing weight, getting healthy and getting off my blood pressure meds.

I TiVo the British TV show You Are What You Eat hosted by nutritional hard-ass Gillian McKeith. She touts the goodness of whole foods, fresh fruits and vegs, and how evil processed foods are.

I'm taking the plunge.  I'm purchasing the book, You Are What You Eat, and I'm going to report right here the challenges that I will face while being on this plan.

You can join in the fun along with me too...