Food review: Betty Lou's Peanut Butter Balls
Biggest Loser season 7 premiere is tonight!

What's on TV? Lots of weight loss incentive

Vintage Fitness With the dawn of a new year, comes the dawn of a new crop of diet/weight loss shows.  I have added the following to my TiVo library to record:

  • Diet Tribe: on Lifetime, follows a group of overweight female friends on their weight loss journey
  • Bulging Brides: on Fine Living Network, follows soon-to-be brides on their way to getting in shape for their big day
  • National Body Challenge: on Discovery Health free, comprehensive fitness and weight-loss challenge that provides the tools and inspiration - online, on television and beyond - to get in shape, shed pounds and find the real, healthier you inside
  • Fat-Free Fiances: on the Style Network, follows couples on the road to healthier lifestyles while on their way down the aisle
  • You Are What You Eat: on BBC America, one of my personal favorites - Gillian McKeith shocks pudgy Brits by showing them a weeks worth of the food that they eat on one giant table (usually greasy fried food), and has them switch cold turkey to a high fiber, lean protein and produce heavy diet
  • Ruby: on the Style Network -- who DOESN'T love Ruby, y'all? The show chronicles a once nearly 500 lb woman on her diet and exercise routine.  She has an amazing cast of friends who support her through it all -- microwavin' her hourglass (pre-portioned meals) while they chow-down on funnel cakes ("those are my favorite, y'all) and pizza.  She's a beautiful woman with a beautiful spirit and you can't help but to root for her to win the battle. And here's some breaking news directly from Ruby on her Facebook page:


  • Biggest Loser - Couples which premieres Tuesday, January 6th on NBC. Need I say more.  The gold standard for what all diet shows hope to measure up to.