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Food review: Betty Lou's Peanut Butter Balls

betty lous peanut butter balls Lest you think this is some sorta candy, you would only be half wrong. Betty Lou's Peanut Butter Balls do taste like a dessert, but these gooey little suckers are chockful of protein (15 grams), B vitamins and electrolytes, a yummy alternative to protein bars.

It's 200 calories, 8 grams fat, 3 grams fiber, 19 grams carbs and the aforementioned 15 grams protein.

It's a sticky caramel consistency, rolled in chopped peanuts, about the size of a flattened golf ball. It's also
trans-fat free, gluten-free and corn-free. It's sweetened with fruit syrup and brown rice syrup, and the protein source is whey, which is whey good if you're trying to cut down on soy.

I got my stash at the Vitamin Shoppe but they're also available at Amazon.com, Vitacost.com and from Betty Lou's site.