Biggest Loser quote of the week: From Dan
You are what you eat - first meal consumed!

Exercising with arthritis

Foot Whoo! Where have I been lately? Coming to terms with the reality that I now have arthritis in my right big toe joint.

I've had arthritis in my neck for awhile and I know how to live with it, but having it in your foot is a whole other matter, especially when it comes to exercise. The recumbent bicycle is great, but frankly I can't work up a big sweat on it. So I'm going to give the elliptical a go and see how that works.

Now that I know what's going on with my foot there are ways to deal. There's Aleve, of course, but that just masks the pain. I'm hoping insurance will cover orthotics (flat feet contribute to the problem) so I can do more varied exercise. In the interim I stopped at Runner's Depot in Davie, FL, to pick up a pair of Superfeet Berry Insoles, which so far are great.

While at the doctor's, I decided to address the elephant in the room: "I know that losing 70 pounds will help things, won't it?" I asked. While my doctor said the weight didn't create the problem, I know that being lighter on my feet can only help things.