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Bodybugg or Polar Heart Rate Monitor?

Oldbodybugg Never being one to pass up a gadget or a weight-loss aid, I own both a bodybugg and a Polar heart rate monitor. So which one is better?

First off, I'm using neither, so unless Miss Fat Ass here actually uses something, nothing's going to work.

Both gadgets have great online tracking but you have to pay $100 a year for the bodybugg program, so point goes to the Polar.

But the bodybugg (at right) only needs to be worn on the arm, while you have to strap the heart rate monitor around your chest and on your wrist. Point to the bodybugg.

The bodybugg, not even factoring in the price of the online program, is more expensive than a heart-rate monitor. It's hard to nail down the price of a bodybugg, because it's sold online and at 24 Hour Fitness locations at different prices. And there are now two versions -- a larger gray one and a sleek new black one. (Check for the latest prices.)

Both have easy uploads to the Web. But when I go to the gym, the elliptical, bike and treadmill automatically pick up the Polar heart rate monitor so I can see my pumpin' on the machine.

The verdict? The scale tips slightly to the Polar heart rate monitor. The one I have is listed below.