So how did I do on my Weight Watchers weigh-in? Don't ask
I found it! The theme from Ruby

My Alli-MUFA-Weight Watchers Momentum diet approach

Alli Avocado Hungry monster

My game plan in 2009 is to incorporate everything that has worked well in the past for me (temporarily) and combine them for a 3-pronged attack on flab.

  • I used Alli earlier this year to jump off a plateau, and didn't suffer any side effects, so that's prong 1.
  • And I really enjoyed the appetite-satisfying MUFAs (monounsaturated fats) from the Flat Belly Diet, so I'll make sure one of those is included in every meal -- prong 2.
  • Prong No. 3 is Weight Watchers new Momentum plan. I just plain need to pay someone to weigh me. I also like Weight Watchers Simply Filling emphasis on real, whole foods.

So that's my plan to Look Fine in 2009.