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So, we're at the Aunt's house for our Jewish Christmas dinner... All of the cousins are in from out of town and they're getting their annual family portrait taken.  My mom and sister (Gail) are already in the house, setting up the food for the mass consumption.  The family that has already gathered at the house starts-a-snackin' on all of the goodies that are there.  There was the triglyceride trifecta... chopped liver (the real stuff), beef salami and cold cuts and... the artery clogging white stuff (on the left) that was covered in shredded cheese.

My entire family flocked to the goo like a moth to the flame... Chips were getting broken in the goo that had the viscosity of a frozen brick of cream cheese.  "Gail, what's that?" I asked fearfully.  She answers, "If it starts out thick, then softens as it gets to room temperature, it's full of sat fat" as she cracks a nacho chip into the white minefield.

So munch, munch, munch... we're about 1/4 of the way into the dip when the phone rings... Uncle is now feverishly pulling the refrigerator apart, looking for the "foil with the cheese on it".  I say, "Uncle, it's already out, and we're almost done eating it" Uncle continues looking for the stuff.  "It has to be baked" he yells. My stomach turns.  Could there be some uncooked eggs in it? Are we all gonna wind up in the ER or the bathroom for the rest of the night? Wasn't there some bacon in it??? Was is THOROUGHLY COOKED???

We pry the tin of goo out of the hands of family and place it into the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.  By this time, I'm done with the goo.

30 minutes go by, and the timer goes off... The molten goo is a bubblin and looking very good at this point.  I couldn't bring myself to eat any more of it... but Gail said you could actually scoop some up on a chip without it breaking.

Turns out the goo consisted of cream cheese, an onion, a bunch of crumbled bacon, some sour cream... all topped with shredded cheese.

BTW ask Gail how she did at Weight Watchers weigh in today...