Operation #shittogether starts this week! (Plus, a What's in My Gym Bag update)
Cookies were eaten

Hurricane Irma prep time!

As hurricane Irma barrels through the Caribbean, we're getting ready over here. Water, protein bars, giant Ziploc bags, batteries -- all the fun stuff. And while it may be fun to subsist on bourbon and potato chips if the power goes out, I'd think that would get old really fast. 

My dietitian Meryl Brandwein, sent out a great email this morning with a healthy hurricane food prep list and some sample meals. You can read the entire article at her website, but I thought I'd share one of her sample days of post-storm meals:


Apple with Nut Butter
Rice Chex


Black beans 1 cup
Canned diced tomato ½ cup
Canned corn ( organic) ½ cup
Unsweetened canned fruit ½ cup


Nuts and Dried Fruit
Protein powder mixed with non-dairy milk or water


Vegetarian chili- 1 cup
Corn chips (organic)
Unsweetened canned fruit ½ cup

We've got a bunch of Quest and Zone Perfect bars in the pantry, and I just ordered a case of Orgain Grass-Fed Protein Shakes as well as a case of High Brew Double Espresso cold brew coffee. Mama needs her chocolate and her coffee, and both of these are shelf stable and aren't full of garbage.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to put everything we own in plastic bags ...